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The email log holds a record of all of the emails sent to and from the case. Each email can be viewed and attachments downloaded.

For information about the content of emails, the templates used, and which emails are sent when, see Emails and Notifications in the configuration documentation.

Email Log

Email Log

The emails recorded in the log include all of the automated emails sent out by the case management system, the emails sent by case managers and other users, and the emails generated by making appointments.

Email Details

Case managers can view a read only copy of each email, including any attachments, which can be downloaded.

Note that the information displayed here is a record of what was sent to the email gateway to generate and send the email, it is not an exact copy of what was sent. For example, there are no MIME headers or actual date stamps as these are created after the email data is generated. This isn't proof that the email was actually sent or received as an error could occur later (for example in the mail server) which case management cannot be aware of.

Last modified on 13 June 2022

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