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Export Case

Users with the correct security access can download a full export of the case. The export includes a view of the original case submission, the full case history and notes, plus any tasks, emails and attachments relating to the case.


The "Export Case" button will only appear for users who are members of the security groups set in the "Case Export Groups" configuration. See Groups for more information.

Exporting a Case

A case can only be exported while it is still active, in the current release it is not possible to export closed case data from the Case Management interface (the Data Exporter could be used instead).

The "Export Case" button generates the export, then provides a link to download the export zip file. The file name includes the date and time it was generated, followed by the business key of the case.

Case Export

What's in the Export?

The export contains the following folders. Each will include one or more PDFs of the relevant data. The data in the export is a copy of the case data as it was at the time of the export.


If the case type includes an Additional Details tab and form, the content of that form is exported as a PDF.


A list and copy of the attachments uploaded when the case was raised and during the case. The "Attachment Index" presents the list of attachments in a table and includes the date and time of the upload, as well as who uploaded it.

If an attachment is deleted during the lifetime of the case, it won't be included as part of subsequent exports, although the fact that an attachment was deleted is recorded in the case history.


The case details PDF includes the high level details visible on the Details, Status, Summary and Target SLAs tab of the case manager view.


Each email visible on the Emails tab of the case manager view is exported in its own PDF. As with the email view, these are records of what was sent by Case Management to the mail server, ie it doesn't include full email headers and doesn't guarantee that the mail server sent the email.


This PDF is a copy of everything visible on the Case History Notes tab, including all public and private notes.


This folder will contain one or more PDFs. These PDFs are not the full form data submitted by the person who raised the case. They are instead generated using the read-only and/or case highlight configuration for the case type. This matches exactly what the case manager working on the case has available to them.


Each PDF in this folder represents a task raised as part of the case. The information in the PDF is the same as can be seen from the "View" links in the Case Tasks tab.

Last modified on 24 November 2021

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