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Linked Cases

Cases can be linked to each other. The types of link are set up in your Environment Configuration and apply to all case types. Links are two-directional - creating a link in Case A to Case B automatically creates a link in Case B back to Case A.


To link a case to another one, open the "Linked cases" tab and choose "Add linked case":

Linked Cases Tab

Next, enter the full business key of the case you'd like to link:

Link Reference

Then press "Get case details":

Link Case Details

Link Type

This drop-down displays all of the link types set up in the Case Management Environment Configuration. This is placed in the "formConf" object. For example:

"formConf": {
    "maxFileCountCitizen": 3,
    "maxFileCountStaff": 20,
    "maxFileSizeCitizen": 3000000,
    "maxFileSizeStaff": 5000000,
    "maxFileTextCitizen": "3MB",
    "maxFileTextStaff": "5MB",
    "relatedCaseLinks": ["Related", "Parent Of/Child Of", "Blocks/Is Blocked By"]      


Link Types

When you create a link from one case to another, the link appears in both cases. Links are of two types.

Simple links, like "Related" in the example above, create the same link type in both cases.

Paired links, like "Blocks/Is Blocked By" create inward and outward links between the cases. For example, creating a link in Case A that "Blocks" Case B, will automatically create an "Is Blocked By" link in Case B.

View Case Details

If the case manager adding the link has permission to view the other case (ie they are either a valid case manager for that case type, or are a member of the "enquiry groups" set in the Groups configuration for that case type) they'll be able to view the details of the case being linked to.

The view of the case is the same as that when viewing case details from search results.


Notes will appear in the list of linked cases (see below) and as private notes in the case history. Nothing about linked cases (either these notes or even the fact that a case is linked to another one) appear in the public facing interfaces of Case Management.

Existing Links

Existing links are displayed in a table.

Linked Cases

The current case manager can view the linked case if they have permission, in exactly the same way as when creating links.

Editing a link updates the note associated with the link. It is not possible to change the link type. Links can also be deleted.

Updates and removals are recorded as private notes in the case history.

Who can Link Cases?

Linking is only available from the main case management case view. It is available to any user who is a member of the case manager group responsible for that case type.

Creating and viewing links is not possible from the search result's case details view.

Which Cases can be Linked?

Any cases can be linked. If a case manager knows the business key of another case, a link can be made. Open cases can be linked to closed cases and notes will appear in the history of the closed case.


Last modified on 30 June 2022

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