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Case History Notes

The case history section displays all public and private notes added to the case. Public notes are visible to the user who raised the case.

System and Automated Notes

Many of the notes visible on this tab will be added automatically as events happen during the case.

Public Notes

Public notes include:

  • The new case being raised by the user
  • Any tasks or appointments generated by the case manager
  • Public notes added by task users
  • A record that a task has been completed
  • Questions asked by the case manager
  • Replies from the user
  • Updates added by the user

Private Notes

Private notes are added to the history when:

  • A target completion date is set or extended
  • A case is initially assigned to a group
  • When someone claims or unclaims the case
  • Attachments are uploaded or deleted
  • Private notes are added to the case
  • Task users reply to the tasks they have been assigned
  • A case is manually escalated
  • A case is reassigned
  • Cases are linked and if those links are updated or removed
  • Case routines being triggered (the resulting actions may create public notes, depending on what they are, see Case Routines)

Customising System Notes

The notes added to the case history by system actions are configurable. See the "Action Notes" section of Environment Configuration.

Manually Adding a Note

Beneath the history table is a button that allows the case manager or escalation user to add a note to the case history. "Add an update" displays a simple text box, a radio group to set the note as public or private, and "Submit" and "Cancel" buttons. Submitting an update adds a history entry.

If an update is added by a staff member who is not the case manager (eg by accessing the case from the search) an email may be sent to the case manager (if the case is assigned) or group responsible for the case type (if unassigned) using the "updated by staff" email template depending on your case configuration.

History Records

For more information about the history records created during a case, see History Records.

Last modified on May 07, 2024

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