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The iCMSiteUser type allows users who have registered directly with your site (ie have been through a site registration process that creates them an account user with a iCMSiteUser provider login) to log in.

This provider can optionally lockout a user upon n number of failed login attempts. This behaviour is enabled by setting lockoutThreshold to a numeric value greater than 0. The default is 5. The lockoutDuration property sets how long the user will be locked out for in milliseconds.

Note that lockouts only apply to this provider, not to the user account. A user with two providers, iCMSiteUser and Google for example, could lock their iCMSiteUser login, but still log in with their Google details.

Provider Linking

The iCMSiteUser provider always has allowLinkingFromThisProvider set as false. This means that when logging in with this provider, users will never be presented with linking options.

Provider linking enables users to link the provider they are logging in with to an account user that already exists. For an iCMSiteUser login to work, it must already exist in iCM, defined as a login provider for an existing account. Because linking on login is only concerned with adding new providers to accounts and does not link existing user accounts together, linking from this provider doesn't make sense - an account with this iCMSiteUser provider must already exist and be the current user's account.

The default configuration does allow linking to this provider on login. If a user has already registered directly with your site and has an account with an iCMSiteUser provider, when they log in with a third party provider with a matching email address, they will be presented with options to link accounts. See the Linking Providers, Account and Profile Management article for a full description.

Note that our standard registration process checks for existing email addresses, so users registering directly with your site won't be able to create a user if they have previously created an account that already has their email address.


As well as the parameters described in Base Provider Parameters, the following may be set in the params object.

lockoutThresholdInteger, optionalDefault: 5

If the user fails to login via the ICMSiteUser provider this many times in a row the login will be locked out for the duration specified by lockoutDuration

0 = Lockout disabled
lockoutDurationInteger, optionalDefault: 900000 (fifteen minutes)

How long in milliseconds an iCMSiteUser login will be locked out for after surpassing the lockoutThreshold

0 = Forever


    "providerName": "icmsiteuser", 
    "type": "icmsiteuser",
    "providerDisplayName": "iCM Site User",
    "params": { }

Last modified on 30 May 2023

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