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Creating Custom Tasks


Tasks are jobs assigned to users during the lifetime of a case. They are a formal piece of work that needs to be completed and recorded as part of resolving the case.

We've created a range of standard tasks, but it's also possible to design your own. Any form can be integrated with a case and turned into a task form by adding some form snippets to it.

This article describes using the "multipurpose" task snippets to create a custom task. It will use a single form, assigned to another user, which they must fill out to complete the task.

You can also create custom task workflows to create more complex tasks that have multiple stages.

What is a Task?

A task is generated during a case, either automatically when the case starts, or created manually by the case manager.

A task can be assigned to a user, or created for one of a group of users to claim.

Tasks will typically involve the assigned user filling out a form which, when submitted, passes data back to the parent case. When this form is filled out, the task is complete.

Last modified on September 20, 2023

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