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The reset button lets the user restore all of the fields on the current page to their original state, before they started entering values. These will be the field default values if populating the form for the first time, and the saved values if using the form to edit data previously saved to the iCM database.

Note that in the case of multi-page forms, once a page has been submitted, returning to that page and performing a reset will restore the field values to the last submitted values.


LabelDescriptionType Name
iCM Panel Button Icon Class nameThe icon class name to use when displaying this button as an action in the iCM Action Panel. Only relevant when the "Is iCM Panel Button" property is set to true and the form is being used via an iCM Form App shortcutICMPANELBUTTONICONCLASS
Is iCM Panel ButtonIf set to true and the form is being used via a Form App shortcut within iCM, the button will be rendered as an action within the Actions Panel. The button itself will be hidden on the form. This allows better integration into iCM when neededISICMPANELBUTTON
Button LabelThe label that will appear on the buttonLABEL
Button TypeEither "Normal" or "Contrast". Selecting contrast adds the class "btn--contrast", which can then be targeted by the site's style sheetBUTTONTYPE
Additional Styling ModifierAn optional CSS modifier for the field. See Common Field Properties for an exampleADDITIONALSTYLINGMODIFIER
DocumentationAdd documentation to your field to help explain any complex functionality to future users. You might include information on what the field does and how it relates to other fields on the form. Notes added here are only ever visible in the Forms Designer, they can be searched for, viewed and downloaded from the action panel. See Common Field Properties for an exampleDOCUMENTATION

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