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Setting Up The My Account Template

The My Account template displays a user's profile, their saved forms, links to track any requests they have made, and a series of panels you can use to displays forms and other content.

My Account Advanced Layout

Step 1 - Create an Article

Create an article in iCM. Change the template it uses to My Account. 

Step 2 - Article Heading

Unlike other templates, articles using the My Account template can have dynamically generated headings.

You can insert values from a user's profile into the heading using # symbols. The names of these elements may vary depending on your user profile form, but common examples include:

Hello #FIRSTNAME#Hello Tim
Welcome #TITLE# #LASTNAME#Welcome Mr Gulliver

Step 3 - Article Extras

The "Extras" tab in the article editor holds all of the configuration options for your article. The current article extras for the My Account template look like this:

My Account Extras

Account Management - Heading and IntroductionIf your site has more than one login provider configured (eg Facebook and Google) users can add and remove logins from their account. Before managing their logins they'll need to log in again. The heading and introduction entered here are displayed on the login page
Promoted articlesThe articles you pick here appear as full width panels at the top of the page
Grid view articlesThese articles appear in a series of columns beneath the promoted articles

User Profile Panel

The article you pick to display the user profile should use the "My Account - User Profile" template. This template has your Site User Profile form related to it. The heading provides the panel title and the link text the text for the "Edit Details" button. Any articles related to this template, like "Change Password" in the image above, also appear as buttons.

Saved Forms Panel

Pick an article using the "My Account - Saved Forms" template to display a user's saved forms. The heading provides the title of the panel. Any forms saved by the user to complete later automatically appear as links in the panel.

Other Articles

The behaviour of the other panels will depend on the templates that the articles you pick are using. You can include forms, lists, and an article using the User requests template. See the My Account documentation for a full description.

Step 4 - Security

You should secure your My Account article to your site's default user group that contains all of your site users. That means everyone can access it once they have logged in. It needs to be secured so that user's who aren't logged in don't try to access it.

Last modified on 22 August 2022

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