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Creating Articles

Step 1: Choose where to create your article

To create a new article:

  1. Find the article beneath which you would like to create a new article
  2. Right click on this parent article and choose "Create an article"

The menus and navigation of your iCM powered site will generally follow the structure of the article tree in iCM. So if you want to create a new article beneath your "About Us" landing page, right click on the "About Us" landing page article and choose "Create an article" from the context menu.

Step 2: Add content to your article

The iCM article editor is the place where you can create and add content to the pages of your site.

"Create an article" automatically opens the article editor. iCM has two article editors, one known as the tab editor, another as the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which will show you what your article looks like as you are creating it. Which editor opens when you create a new article is set in your Personal Settings and Shortcuts.

Step 3: Publish your article

If your article is ready to go live on the site right now, choose "Submit this article" from the left hand action panel.

You can also control when an article will go live, how long it will stay live for, schedule changes to appear at a certain time, and set archive and update due dates. See the Publishing Articles section for more information.

Last modified on 04 October 2023

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