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Setting Up The User Requests Template

User Requests shows the open, in progress and completed service requests a user has made using your site. Each request shows a summary, a history, and a list of further actions. The template also allows users to claim tasks and interact with processes that are assigned to them.

You can read full documentation for User Requests in the template documentation section.

User Requests Assigned Cards

Step 1 - Create an Article

Create an article in iCM. Change the template it uses to User Requests.

Step 2 - Article Extras

The "Extras" tab in the article editor holds all of the configuration options for your article.

Select Processes

The User Requests template can be set up to display information about every process and history for every service you have developed for your site. We don't recommend doing that!

Select the types of process you'd like to display on the article using the list box.

Remaining Sections

The other options in the article extras control the messages that appear in the panels on the page, the labels that appear on the cards, and the text used for the "claim" and "unclaim" tasks. You can also change the number of cards that appear, and their order.

For now, leave the default values as they are, you can always go back and change them later.

Step 3 - Security

Secure the article to the user group that all of your website users are in. This will allow everyone who raises a request to track it using this article.

Further Reading

There's a more detailed look at interacting with workflow processes in the Self Service and User Requests - Interacting with Workflow Processes section of the knowledge base.

Last modified on 22 August 2022

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