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Setting Up The Assisted Service Template

The Assisted Service template lets one user search for another, then carry out actions on their behalf.

Assisted Service

You can read full documentation for Assisted Service in the template documentation section.

Step 1 - Create an Article

Create an article in iCM. Change the template it uses to Assisted Service.

Step 2 - Article Extras

The "Extras" tab in the article editor holds all of the configuration options for your article.

Assistance Banner

These settings let you change the position and appearance of the banner.

Customer Interactions

The time spent assisting a user can be recorded in an interaction log. These two fields let you choose what form and process should be used to record those interactions.

The defaults are "InteractionLog" and "Begin Interaction".

You can also choose whether or not assisting a user automatically launches an interaction log.

User Search

By default the search will search all of your users, including any staff user groups you may have. To restrict the search to certain groups, pick them using the "Select" button.

Registering Users

Pick your site's user registration form to output a button to register new users.


If you want to be able to assist users who don't have an account (and don't want to register for one) enable the anonymous assist button. You can also change the text displayed on the button.

User Details

These fields control what you'll see when you view the details of a user from the search results.

As a minimum you must pick the Site user Profile form your site uses to display user profiles. You can also display recent requests made by the user for the selected processes.


Any articles you pick here will be output as as buttons beneath the user's details.

Step 3 - Security

Secure the article to the user group that all of your staff users who need to use the template are in.

Last modified on 22 August 2022

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