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helper.invokeCustomFieldFn(fieldName, customFnName [, arg1, arg2 ...])

Invokes a custom field function defined within a field's HTMLSkel.

The function must exist with the name specified, any arguments needed by the function should be supplied after the function name. Any value returned by the invoked function will be returned by this function.


fieldNameString, requiredThe name of the field whose custom function is to be invoked
customFnNameString, requiredThe name of the function to invoke
arg1Any, optionalAdditional function parameter
arg2Any, optionalAdditional function parameter
argNAny, optionalAdditional function parameter




In this example a handler has been added to a text field, which invokes the custom "search" function of the location picker field, 'LOCATION', whenever the value of the text field changes. The value of the text field is passed to the location picker's search.

function (helper, fieldName, value, valid, eventName) {
    if (eventName == 'CHANGE' && valid) {
        helper.invokeCustomFieldFn('LOCATION', 'search', value);

Last modified on 13 September 2023

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