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This is used to provide additional, low-level, configuration settings used when displaying a busy indicator.

These options will be used the next time showBusy is invoked. The options take the form of a JavaScript object. Only those options that the caller wishes to change need to be supplied.


Client-side only


optionsObjObject, requiredJavaScript object containing additional configuration properties

The full set of options:

   lines: 12,             // The number of lines to draw
   length: 7,             // The length of each line
   width: 5,              // The line thickness
   radius: 10,            // The radius of the inner circle
   scale: 1.0,            // Scales overall size of the spinner
   corners: 1,            // Roundness (0..1)
   color: '#000',         // #rgb or #rrggbb
   opacity: 0.25,         // Opacity of the lines
   rotate: 0,             // Rotation offset
   direction: 1,          // 1: clockwise, -1: anticlockwise
   speed: 1,              // Rounds per second
   trail: 100,            // Afterglow percentage
   top: '50%',            // centre vertically
   left: '50%',           // centre horizontally
   shadow: false,         // Whether to render a shadow
   position: 'absolute'   // Element positioning as per css position

Last modified on 06 March 2020

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