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Returns the identifier of the button that was pressed to trigger the page submission.

This function currently only supports buttons generated using the NAVIGATIONBUTTON Handlebars helper as only these buttons have extra identifiers.

It queries the identifier of the button that caused submission of the current page.




String. If a button doesn't have an identifier then it returns "".


Simple Return

Given the following handlebars template:

{{NAVIGATIONBUTTON action="NEXT" label="Go to Page 2" pageName="PAGE2" identifier="MYIDENTIFIER" index=0}}

The function would return "MYIDENTIFIER-0".

Iterating Over Lists

This template generates a table, each row with a navigation button.

<table class="icmformdata__table" width="100%" summary="Projects">
    {{#each .}}
            <td>{{NAVIGATIONBUTTON action="NEXT" label="Details" pageName="DETAILS" identifier=this.QUOTEID}}</td>

A script action could be used to query the button that was pressed:

function (helper, processor, props, context) {
    helper.setVariable("QUOTEID", helper.querySubmissionActionIdentifier());
  return true;

Last modified on 13 September 2023

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