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helper.getOptionVariableDisplayValue(variableName, keyValue)

Returns the display value of the supplied key from a list of options stored in a form variable.

This function can be used to lookup the display value of a key-value pair in a variable created by the Form Variable - Lookup field, or the the <fieldname>_OPTIONDATA variables created by the Drop-down List, List Box, Checkbox Group, and Radio Button Group field types.


Client-side and server-side.


variableNameString, requiredThe variable will be an array of arrays generated by the Form Variable - Lookup, or one of the list-type fields
keyString, requiredThe key (value) whose display value should be returned


The display value of the supplied key.


Given the following variable:

myVariable = [
    ["1", "one"],
    ["2", "two"],
    ["3", "three"]

This function:

function (helper, defaultValue, currentValue) {
    var theValue = helper.getOptionVariableDisplayValue('myVariable', '2');
    return theValue;

Would return "two".

Last modified on 13 September 2023

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