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helper.registerCustomFieldFn(fieldName, customFnName, customFn)

Registers a custom function for a specified field.

A custom function is always called with a reference to the helper object as the first parameter, any additional parameters supplied in the invoke call are also supplied.


fieldNameString, requiredThe name of the field
customFnNameString, requiredThe name of the custom function
customFnFunction, requiredThe custom function


This custom field function is found in the HTMLSkel of the Location Picker field type.

helper.registerCustomFieldFn( "<%=Props["FIELD"]["NAME"]%>", "showMap", function() {
<% if ( mapButtonLabel !== "" ) { %>
    <%=Props["FIELDID"]%>locationPicker.showMap( "<%=Props["FIELDID"]%>" );
<% } %>

Last modified on 06 March 2020

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