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helper.utilRemoveAction(fieldName, contextVariables)

Removes any actions from the supplied context variables that were added by the specified field.


Server-side only


fieldNameString, requiredThe name of the field whose actions should be removed
contextVariablesObject, requiredSkeleton processor context variables


This example is used in a script action field. If the radio-group field (called RADIO) has the value "noemail" the email action field (called EMAIL) is removed.

The script action containing this function must be placed above any action fields that need to be removed as action fields are executed in the order they are placed on the form.

function (helper, processor, props, context) {
    if (helper.getFieldValue("RADIO") == "noemail" ){
        helper.utilRemoveAction("EMAIL", context);
    return true;

Last modified on 11 November 2022

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