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Returns all of the data for a particular page or page instance.

This function can be used on repeating and non-repeating pages.


Client-side and server-side.


pageNameString, optionalThe name of the page to return data for. Defaults to the page the function is used on if not set
pageInstanceInteger, optionalThe page instance to return data for (zero-based), if not set will return all instances


The structure of the data returned will depend on whether or not the page repeats, and whether you asked for a particular instance or all instances.

Non-repeating Page

On a non-repeating page data is returned as a single object, where the keys are the field names:

    "NAME": "Tim",
    "AGE": "41"

Repeating Page, Single Instance

If you ask for a specific instance of a repeating page, the data is returned as a single object, in exactly the same format as a single non-repeating page.

Repeating Page, All Instances

If you don't set a page instance for a repeating page, the function returns an array of objects - one for each page.

This example shows a blank instance of the page was submitted:

    "NAME": "Tim",
    "AGE": "41"
}, {
    "NAME": "Leo",
    "AGE": "40"
}, {
    "NAME": "",
    "AGE": ""

Last modified on 13 September 2023

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