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helper.queryFieldValue([pageName,] fieldName [, defaultValue])

Used to query the value of a field.

This function has been deprecated, use .getFieldValue instead.

This is used to obtain the current value of a field. The minimum information required is the name of the field.

It's also possible to specify the name of the page containing the field. On a multi-page form when querying the value of a field from another page it is strongly recommended that the page name is specified to avoid the helper having to search through all fields on all pages.

The final option allows a default value to be returned if the specified field doesn't exist on the form. This will invoke the field's registered query function if available.


Client-side and Server-side.


pageNameString, optionalName of the page containing the field to be queried
fieldNameString, requiredName of the field to query
defaultValueString, optionalValue to be returned if the field is not found




In this example the value of the variable "val" is set by querying the value of the field TEXT1. The field GUIDANCE1 is then updated with that value.

function (helper) {
    var val;
    val = helper.queryFieldValue('TEXT1');
    helper.updateFieldValue('GUIDANCE1', val);

Last modified on 13 September 2023

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