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Group Approval Requirements

When an approval requirement is created for an iCM user group, every article submitted by any member of that group must be approved by the selected approvers.

Group approval requirements are invoked after and user specific requirements, but before any article requirements.

To create a group requirement click "Create a group requirement" in the actions panel. To edit an existing requirement, double-click on it. You can delete a requirement by right-clicking and selecting "Delete approval requirement".

Creating and Editing Group Requirements

Use the "Select" button to pick the user group whose members will be subject to this requirement.

Next select the groups and users who will form the approval chain for articles submitted by these users using the "Select" button.

If you press the select button you'll see a list of all of the groups and users in iCM. Current approvers are highlighted. Double-clicking on users or groups in this list is a quick way to add or remove them from the group. There's also a search.

Once you've added groups and users to the approver list you can change the order of the approval chain using the "Move up " and "Move down" arrows.

The approver list works from top to bottom, with those at the top of the list approving the article first, passing it on to the user or group directly below them. There's no upper limit to the length of this list.


In this example, when any user in the CONTENTONLY group submits an article, it will first have to be approved by a single user called ADAME. Once approved it will then have to be approved any one user who is a member of the ADMINISTRATORS group. Once it has been approved by someone in that group, it will be published to the live website.

Approval Requirements - Group

Things to Consider

User and group approvals do not look for duplications. If an approver appears twice in an approval chain, once as an individual user approval and again as a member of a group approval, the approver will need to approve the same article twice (assuming someone else in the group doesn't get to it first).

iCM users required to approve content must have the "Article Approvals" iCM Privilege and have at least "view access" to the article they need to approve.

Last modified on 08 December 2022

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