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History Records

Case Management writes several histories for each case raised, and logs events to them throughout the lifetime of the case. Many of these histories contain personal information about users.

Some histories will be subject to your data retention policies, some only make sense when linked to the main history, and others are anonymised for reporting purposes. All histories follow the labelling conventions described in the Labelc Histories and Reporting Data knowledge base article.


The following histories are logged to the platform's history service.

Label ALabel BLabel CLabel DDescription
"Case Management v1"The business key of this casenullnullThis is the case history written by the workflow process. It provides information to the User Requests template. It includes public and private notes, copies of form submissions, and personal data
The historyLabel set in the case configuration, or "Case Management - caseType" where caseType is the value of the CASETYPE field in the case start form.

For example "Case Management - Feedback"
As abovenullnullThis is the primary case history. Events in this history record every user task and form submission. Bear in mind that the main case management interface is made up of multiple forms, so almost every button press will write something to this case history. It includes public and private notes and personal data
As aboveAs above"email"nullRecords all of the emails sent out and received during the case (automated and user generated). It includes personal data, the full subject and body of the email, plus the "to" and "from" addresses
As aboveAs above"notes"nullThis history holds all of the information visible on the Case History Notes tab when managing a case. It includes public and private notes and personal data. Some of these notes are added manually by case managers, some by automated processes
As aboveAs above"reporting"nullRecords:
  • case type and subtype
  • start time
  • target completion time
  • task types and number
  • escalation breach times and reasons
  • reasons for reassignment
  • case conversions
  • candidate groups when cases are created or reassigned
  • status changes
  • stage changes
  • whether the case was raised via Asissted Service
  • close time
This history does not contain any personal data so can be kept for long term reporting
As aboveAs above"link"The business key of the case that is being linked toThis history is created when a case is linked to another. When a link is created, two "link" histories are written (one for each case). A link history includes:
  • The username and ID of the user who created the link (this will be a case manager)
  • The username and ID of the user who last updated the link (this will be a case manager)
  • The type of link
  • Any notes added when the link was created (this is a free text field in Case Management so could include anything)

Data Retention

Case Management has its own integration with the Data Retention Manager. See Deleting Case Management Records for more information.

Last modified on 27 March 2023

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