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Site Framework Release Notes

Framework 22

Adds new subsite settings for Twitter card image sizes.

Framework 21

Adds new subsite settings for Content Security Policy headers.

Framework 20

The image media component used for responsive images can now be set manually in the subsite settings.

Framework 19

Framework 19 adds new features to the Authentication template which make the user registration and password reset journey more seamless.

Framework 18

Framework 18 adds new gallery and highlight box inlines, as well as standardising the image inline. It also implements shared search and logo components that can be used by all of the site themes. The Google Analytics library has been changed to gtag.js

Framework 17

Framework 17 introduces Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities to sites, makes "page last updated" and "page feedback" functionality available to all themes, and improves the appearance of the Document Section template in search results.

Framework 16

Framework 16 adds session timeout notifications for forms and login sessions.

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