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Login - Setting Up The Authentication Template

User logins are handled by the Authentication template and the Authentication worker. You can read full documentation for the template in the Authentication section of this site, and configuration and API documentation for the worker in the Worker Services section.

Step 1 - Create an Article

Create an article in iCM. Call it "Login". Change the template it uses to Authentication.

Step 2 - Article Extras

The "Extras" tab in the article editor holds all of the configuration options for your article. The current article extras for the Authentication template look like this:

Authentication Extras

Log out textWhen a user is logged in, this text overrides the article heading. If you leave the field blank, the heading will change to "Log out"
Welcome articleIf a user goes straight to the login article, this is the article they'll be redirected to once they've logged in. The default is your site's homepage
Default groupsWhenever a user logs in, they'll be added to these groups. The groups you pick here should be the standard groups you want every member to be part of. If you update these groups, users will be added to any additional ones next time they log in. You can't use these settings to remove users from groups
Utility articlesThese should be articles that display your registration and password reset forms. They'll appear as links on the login page
Enabled providersAll of the providers configured in the Authentication worker are listed here. Check the boxes for those you'd like to appear on the login form

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Last modified on 22 August 2022

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