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Active iCM Users

iCM lets you see a real time list of active users. The list includes the date and time a user logged in, when they were last active, and the name of the iCM server they are connected to.

Viewing Active Users

To generate the list of users, select "iCM Groups/Users" from the Management section of iCM.

From the iCM Groups and Users homepage, select "Actions" in the left hand panel, then "Show active iCM users" from the actions panel.

Active iCM Users

What Counts as "Active"?

It would not be practical for every click a user makes in iCM to update the timestamp of their last activity. For a click to count as an activity, a user must interact with the iCM database in some way - actions that are only performed in the browser aren't logged.

So, for example, a user expanding sections of the article tree, or the groups in the media library, does not count towards an activity. However, when a user opens the media library, or first loads the article explorer, an activity is logged.

Similarly, opening the article editor updates a user's last active time, but typing text into the editor doesn't. Switching tabs in the editor doesn't count, but clicking the "inlines" icon in the editor toolbar (which loads an explorer window), or searching for related content does.

As a general rule, all clicks a user makes in one of the action panels, and each new section of iCM they navigate to, will update their last active time.

Last modified on 06 March 2020

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