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The standard registration form, CITIZENSIMPLESIGNUPEXAMPLE, lets a user register with your site. It creates them an account, a login, and lets them enter information that will be stored in their account user profile. During the registration process the user is emailed a PIN which they must enter to verify that they have access to that email address.

Email, PIN and Username

When a user successfully registers with your site two things happen.

First an account is created with a randomly generated GUID-style username. This username is never seen or used by the user. The account holds the user's profile and one or more logins the user can log in with.

Second, a single login is created for the user and linked to their account. This login has the user's email address as its username. The password is set later in the form.

The registration form checks that the email address entered by the user is not already registered as a login with your site. If it is the user is prompted to use the reset password form and log in with their existing account.

Before an account and login can be created the user must enter a PIN, which is emailed to them, into the registration form. This confirms that the user is registering with an email address they have access to. A user has three attempts at entering the PIN, after which they'll have to restart the registration process.


During the registration process a user sets up their user profile. As a minimum a profile must include the user's email address (which is required for the registration process to work anyway) and the user's preferred name, which will be used throughout the site.

You can add as many additional fields to the profile page of the registration form as you like (also adding them to the save profile field's data function), or leave the profile as something a user can set up later from their My Account page.

If you'd like to add more fields to this page, take a copy of the form and use that - the example form will be overwritten if we release a new version.

See the User Profiles article for more information, which also lists the names of standard fields various products expect to be present.


Once a user has their account and login they can set a password. The registration form automatically validates the password complexity against the rules set up in iCM.

User Groups

When someone registers with your site, their user will automatically added to a user group named after the authentication provider they logged in/registered with. Using this registration form, users are put in the ICMSITEUSER group. This name is set in the configuration of the Authentication worker.  (You'll find users that login with Google in a group called GOOGLE etc).

Users can also be added to other default groups, which are set in the article extras of the Authentication template, when they log in.

Last modified on 22 November 2022

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