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Event Manifest

The Event Manifest lets you search for events, then view a list of sold packages and bookers. The list of bookers can be downloaded as a CSV.

The first page has options for Date and Event. The Date option can be configured to default to today, tomorrow or yesterday using metadata related to the article. The Event option shows all events, categorised by article location.

Event Manifest Page

Date Search Metadata

The default date in the search field can be set by relating metadata to the article that displays the manifest form. Valid defaults are "yesterday", "today" and "tomorrow". This metadata simply sets the default date when the form is loaded, it places no restriction on the dates that can be picked from the calendar.

Manifest Default Dates


By default all events will appear in this list. You can restrict the events that appear in the list by relating event articles to the manifest article - only those related events will appear in the drop-down. If no articles are related to the manifest, all articles using the Event template will appear. If only a single event article is related, the option to select an event is hidden and the search will only return results for that event.

Start Time Filter

Once a search has been performed it can be refined by event start times. A drop-down field lists all of the start times found. Select the time for the event you'd like to see. The ability to filter by start time is controlled by metadata related to the manifest article. Valid options are "select" or "all". If no metadata is related, all times are shown and the ability to select a start time is hidden.

Manifest Time Filter


If bookings exist for the chosen event they are displayed beneath the various filters.

Manifest Results

Viewing Details

Each result includes a details button which displays all of the data collected at the time the booking was made, including any plugin form data, in a read-only mode.

Viewing all details loads all of the bookings, including plugin data, into a paged list. A maximum of 300 bookings can be displayed, with 50 results per page.

Manifest CSV

For each booking, the manifest CSV file includes the:

  • Booking reference
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Packages booked
  • Date and time of the event
  • Date and time of the booking
  • Payment method
  • Booking notes
  • Plugin data (if the plugin form included a database save action - see Writing Bookings Plugins)
Last modified on 13 November 2023

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