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Creating Events via your Website

Create Default Packages

Once you have created the basic event information you will be able to add packages if you have selected that this event should have them.

These packages will be the default that will always be available when adding a new occurrence of this event. If you do not have default packages and choose to create a new occurrence of an event then a package will need to be created each time. 

A package can use a single ticket or multiple tickets. For example an Adult package would use one Adult ticket, a Family package may use 2 x Adult tickets and 2 x Child tickets.

To create your first package, select "Add Package".

First step of adding a package

Once you have selected Add Package there are fields that need to be filled in. These fields include the following:

  • Title - Adult, Child, Family etc. This is the title shown to the user on the booking page
  • Description - Information about the package displayed beneath the title
  • Minimum Purchase - Minimum amount that can be purchased in one transaction
  • Maximum Purchase - Maximum amount that can be purchased in one transaction
  • Maximum - Total number of this package that can be sold overall for this occurrence. This will be dependent on the location or event for this occurrence
  • Mandatory-Yes or No drop down. If Yes, then the mandatory packages appear under the "Tickets" header of the booking form, non-mandatory packages appear under the "Additional Options" header. If all packages are optional, the additional options section doesn't appear - all packages are listed as tickets
  • Price - The price for this package
  • Available From - Date that the package can be available from
  • Available To - Date that the package will be available to
  • Create Ticket - Checkbox, if selected then a matching ticket will be created. You will want this for tickets such as Adult, Child etc. For packages that may use more than one ticket you will not want this selected. See Edit Packages
  • Active - Whether the package will be shown on the booking page or not

If you do not require packages to contain more than one ticket then once you have added your basic packages (Adult ticket, child ticket) then you can click submit to move forward and, if "Create Occurrence" is selected, create a new occurrence.

If you do require packages to contain multiple tickets (e.g. family ticket) then you will have to see Edit Packages.

If you require a package to use specific tickets that are only available by purchasing the package then go to Advanced Settings.

Last modified on 29 November 2021

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