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Creating Events via your Website

Edit Packages

Editing packages allows you to create a package that may use up multiple tickets.

An example of this would be for a Family package that uses 2 x Adult Tickets and 2 x Child tickets. This situation you would require an Adult package created with Create Ticket selected, a Child package created with 'Create Ticket' selected, and a Family package with ' Create Ticket' NOT selected. 

If you have created this you should end up with Packages that looks like below

Packages Table

To check to see if you have created the correct tickets click Show Ticket Details under Advanced Settings to show the existing tickets.

Tickets Table

To edit a Package go to the Edit button on the right hand side of the Packages table for the Package you want to edit.  In this situation I want to edit the Family package.  Clicking edit brings up all of the options as creating a new package however it also includes 'Package Tickets'.

Package Tickets lets me choose what tickets I should use for this package. So I can choose Adult and put 2 in Quantity and then choose Child and put 2 in Quantity. 

Package Tickets 1

Once you have associated the correct tickets with the package select 'Update package'.

This method works for situations such as Family tickets however this can also be used for discounted offers e.g. 5 tickets (price of 4).  

Last modified on 29 November 2021

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