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Creating Events via your Website

Advanced Tickets

The Advanced Settings section allows you to be specific with how many tickets may be available (this can vary from how many packages are available), to set the size of each ticket, and to add tickets that exist without a matching package.


The Maximum field sets the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased for this instance of the event. A ticket can be part of more than one package.  For example, Adult tickets could be used for Adult packages or Family packages (includes 2 Adult tickets). If 5 Adult packages were sold then this would use 5 of the Adult tickets, if 5 of the Family packages were sold then this would use up 10 of the Adult tickets. 

A package cannot be purchased if the package has if all of the package allocation (maximum amount) has been sold or if the tickets allocation (maximum) has been sold.


The size field sets the number of places from the event capacity this ticket occupies.

For example, if your event has a capacity of ten, and you create a ticket with a size of two, only five tickets will be able to be sold, no matter how many packages they are compiled into. Note, this could also be achieved by creating a ticket with a size of one, but adding two of them to each package.

Other examples include creating size zero tickets, which won't use up any of your event's capacity, but can be used to buy add-ons that compliment the standard tickets.

Tickets without package

A ticket can be created without having a package created. Multiple tickets can be included a package, for example this could be the case for a package that includes lunch and unlimited refreshments. The user may not be able to see the options for unlimited refreshments or lunch as these tickets may only be purchasable with the specific package.


Last modified on 29 November 2021

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