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Creating Events via your Website

Create an Occurrence

You will get to the Create an Occurrence page when the event defaults have been created. This page is also accessible when adding a new occurrence for an existing event. 

The options on this page are as follows:

  • Event -  This option is not-editable, this is the title of the event
  • Date - This is the date that the event will take place, if this is a Multi-day event then this is the first date of the event
  • Multi-day - If this checkbox is selected then the occurrence can span over multiple days, an additional checkbox for End date will appear underneath Start Time (HH:MM)
  • Start Time (HH:MM) -  This is a field where you can type the time in using the format HH:MM
  • End Time (HH:MM) - This is a field where you can type the time in using the format HH:MM
  • Location - The location of the occurrence can be different from the default location of the event, if the location should be the same as the default location then the location should be selected as 'Use Default Address'
  • Maximum Capacity - Type in the Maximum Capacity for this occurrence.

Create an Occurrence page

The remainder of the Create an Occurrence page stores the default information of the events. If you want to have any different information for this occurrence of this event in the Communications, Additional Information, or Booking Notifications then these can be changed. Any changes will be for this occurrence only. 

Last modified on 29 November 2021

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